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Danni Farrar, photo by Tevin Wallace

     Danni Farrar is a Published Celebrity Fashion Designer and Wardrobe Stylist, soon to make her big screen debut as a Costume Director for the film The Big Phish set to premiere Spring of 2023 in partnership with Amazon Prime Video. Born and raised in Brooklyn, this native New Yorker looks forward to spending her time, with her son Christian Anthony in Harlem, as well as  Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California where she desires to open her first luxury boutiques.

     Danni Farrar began her journey in the fashion industry by interning at BET Television Networks with the wardrobe department for one the biggest shows of the 2000's, 106 and Park. A year later and with a two year old at home, knowing there was more to learn Danni relocated to Florida in 2010 and attended The Miami International University of Art & Design where she majored in Fashion Merchandising.

Although she did not complete her degree at that time, with passion and a hard work ethic Danni Farrar is as determined today as she was back then to become a legacy name in the fashion industry. While attending the University, Danni styled fashion runway shows, coordinated photoshoots, worked for an marketing company, became a visual merchandiser for high-end retail stores, and interned during NYFW. While each experience was unique from the last, the common denominator is fashion.


       In 2013 Danni Farrar LLC was founded as the umbrella for her love of all things fashion, designing, wardrobe and styling. A year before that what started as a hobby grew in purpose. Christian & Grace Accessories is Danni Farrar's fashion line of made to order custom accessories for men, women, and children such as headbands, hair bows, pocket squares, bow ties, scarves, shawls, etc. In 2014 Christian & Grace Accessories was honored to receive its first editorial feature in the summer issue of Elucid Magazine.

With the desire to expand her brand Danni invested in sewing courses to learn more techniques and skills that allowed her to expand her design catalog. Danni now designs tailormade RTW (Ready to Wear), casual attire, formal wear and evening gowns for special occasions such as proms, graduations, weddings, and etc.


      Danni Farrar’s goals is to open high end luxury boutiques globally to showcase her fashion line as well as the brands of other Black Designers and start a non-profit organization. As a mentor and youth leader, Danni understands the important of young people having positive, caring and influential people in thier lives. One of her deepest desires is to build a foundation that supports and nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of young people of all races and nationalities. Whether it be within the fashion industry or not, Danni Farrar's greatest aspiration is to create a legacy for generations to come to have the tools to make a better tomorrow.

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