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Election Day Is Over or Is It?!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

With the USA 2020 Presidential Election still cooling down and votes still being counted, the biggest question is... not did you vote but, will your vote be counted?

In the age of advanced technology one would hope that we have become intelligent enough to predict and correct just about anything in the blink of an eye (didn't they send Elon to space lol) so why in 2020 is there so much going wrong. Perhaps because we are only human and clearly not that smart.

Between voter suppression, the USPS and Mr. West I don't know what to look forward to in the next coming days. If you are like me you're hoping for the best and expecting the worst all the while focusing on breathing and self-care.

I personally can not be glued to all the different news outlets especially since they have failed numerous times in providing the masses with correct and timely information. However, I do a thorough Twitter news scan every few hours (judge ya mama).

In previous elections the victor was usually announced the same night versus in the coming days. So I can see why the folks in PA are a little upset? Not that I agree their reason is valid but I can understand the frustration of wanting to "Stop The Count", as protestors were heard shouting, especially when your candidate is not doing well. By now they have realized the show must go on.

As of election night many states were decided except a few and why, because state laws prohibits them from counting mail-in ballots weeks prior to Election Day as in other states and 45 is now suing to stop ballots from being counted in a few states ( MI, PA & GA) while calling for a recount in another. Confusing, right!

What's also confusing is (long story short) how/why does the USPS have almost 300,000 mail in ballots with no delivery destination resulting in a court hearing the day after the election because of failing to ensure all mail in ballots was accounted for which they were court ordered to do. Regardless of the time it takes, every vote deserves to be counted. And as for Kanye and his 60k votes, I have no words because a genius is going to genius.

Stay Woke My Good People!

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