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From The Hood To The Runway

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Once upon a time in Brooklyn, New York a young girl by the name of Danielle Christine Barnhardt Farrar sat in her bedroom at night and began cutting up her clothes...

What started as a mission to just turn a pair of denim jeans into a skirt lead to something more. Next came sewing fabric to jeans and gluing rhinestones to everything from her teeth (crazy, righttt lol), t-shirts and evens Timbs.

Now don't you go doing that especially if your parents buy your clothes.

Let's fast forward 15+ years later, meet (Fashion Designer - Fashion Stylist/ Consultant - Fashion Show Producer - Creative Director - Entrepreneur - Internet Radio Show Host - Executive Assistant - Podcast Host - Writer - Lifestyle Influencer) Danni Farrar...

Stay Tuned To Find Out What Happened In Between Those Many Years!!!

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