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IVY -goes to the- PARK

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter, sole owner of IVY PARK since 2018 and creative partner of Adidas, did not come to play with us at all...

Hear Ye, Hear Ye word on the street (internet) is that Beyoncé campaign for the new IVY PARK collection is set to drop Friday 10.30.20 and shall I say MY MY MY MY MY MY!

The first sign of the new collection first appeared last week on Twitter with Beyoncé rocking the collection in full "Sasha Fierce" boldness and we love to see it!

From the color palette to the fits and over all beauty in the details, IVY PARK is definitely my idea of a Black woman owned athleisure brand.

I like that the designs are not just sexy but functional as well which to me is most important. And to even include a style with a face mask, now that is just pure genius especially giving the new normal. From bodysuits and sneaker shoes to midriff hoodies and snap track pants the collection has it all including size.

After listening to the feedback on inclusion from her last collection IVY PARK will now be available from size xxxs to 4x.

Well Done Queen Bey!

Now the only question left is what's your fav piece???

*images via keirryyonce Twitter*

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