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The Ultimate Black Business Gift Guide


In honor of this Black Friday I wanted to share a few amazing Black and Brown owned businesses that I have purchased from and others that I have heard great things about for all of my Fly Girls and Fly Guys!

As a Black women and a Black business owner I support my fellow entrepreneurs not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but all year round and I hope you do as well!

The list of brands is categorized by beauty, home, wellness and last but not least fashion.


First things first, this one is for my fellas! When people think of skincare most don't often think of men and "Scotch Porter" is here to change that.

The brand is for men who want to make sure their face (beard game) is winning!!! The reviews are enough to make this brand a household name. I like that all of their products are handmade ensuring that it's simply the best ingredients for all skin types.

My new skin care routine consists of every product from Beauty by Africa Miranda skincare line and I am about to order my third facial elixir and complexion mist because it's just that damn good no like really!

The ingredients are organic and the scent reminds me of a cool breeze on a sunny day. If you have sensitive skin like me then be sure to try Beauty by Africa Miranda and STS Essentials. STS Essentials is my go to for everything and will help level up your self care routine like products like handmade soy wax candles, charcoal face masks and linen mists.

Skincare, beauty, health and wellness are all part of taking care of you so why not have the best products including feminine care products from brands like The Honey Pot.

*(Receive a discount on your next purchase using "The Honey Pot Affiliate" link in my bio.)


Scotch Porter

Beauty by Africa Miranda

STS Essentials

The Lip Bar

Mented Cosmetics

Naturally YOU

Black Girl Sunscreen

Queens Boutique & Beauty Supply Store

Creme Ablan Skincare


Brown Girl Jane

The Honey Pot

I have been using several products these last few months that have made such a positive impact on my skin, body and overall wellness like CBD oil which is said to soothe acne, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety.

The saying "home is where the heart is" can mean many things. To me it means that home is a place of love so comfort is key and by comfort I mean DECOR! I enjoy a fun DIY projects like the next artist but painting on anything other than my nails and a wall has never been my thing.

So when I wanted to decorate my space I made sure to buy every piece of black art I could find (still going lol) with the desire to create my own personal museum aka "Black MOMA". Now I have six gorgeous prints and this Black Friday is my excuse to order from a few other home decor brands like Clare Paint and The Black Home Design.


Clare Paint

The Black Home Design

Wall Art (Uzo Art/ DaCre8ive One/ Osaze Akil S.)

Lastly, here's a list of fashion brands owned/operated by Black and Brown Designers from casual to luxury from t-shirts to silk robes and everything in between. 2020 has not been without it's struggles for us all and I'm happy to see my fellow designers are remaining hopeful and creative. Let me know what other brands to add to the list...


Christian & Grace

Rich Fresh/ Henry Masks


Vedazzling Accessories

Avid Swim

Suzy Black NYC

Love Vera

Sammy B

Mess In A Bottle

Gifted Apparel

Frances Grey Hats

Terell Shaw Millinery

Gunas NY

Abeille Creations

Haute Komodity


Check out my Fashion-Styling Podcast, Style On A Fly "BUY BLACK" Highlight via Instagram for more Black Owned brands to support year round!


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